2 thoughts on “Biblical

  1. The doomsday coalition made up of Evangelical Christians like Sarah Palin and Zionists (neo-cons) like Newt Gingrich are pushing Israel to attack Iran. The Zionists want a war because there is a profit to be made. The Evangelical Christians want a war because it fulfills a Biblical prophecy they call “the end of days.” Israel plans to attack Iran in May, June or July. Their justification will be that Iran is trying to build a nuclear bomb. This coalition of Zionists and Evangelicals brought us the illegal war in Iraq using the same false argument. “…We can not wait for the final proof, the smoking gun that could come in the form of a mushroom cloud.” Time is growing short for us to condemn the Zionists and the Evangelicals for their warmongering. This march toward war should give all of us a massive headache.

  2. McGill’s first name explained his delusional logic regarding pay scales and public corruption with the quickness. What a crook!

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