4 thoughts on “Big Meat

  1. We’re surrounded by the toxic and anti-ecological effects of human greed, and they just keep multiplying.
    Will there be any way out?

  2. I often wonder how the wives of some of our presidents can live with what their husbands’ do to our nation and the world.

    And, now, President Nobel Peace Prize Winner is doing things that I would think must be driving his wife crazy, if she is indeed sincere about her concern for our food supply and the health aspects of how it’s being managed.

    She supposedly is a strong advocate of organic foods, but she lives with this guy who’s letting things get worse and worse as he continues in office.


  3. Why is it that I have to fight to get antibiotics when I am sick because doctors have over prescribed them, and yet nobody will stop giving them to every farm animal on the planet?
    Sorry. Not adding to the conversation in any meaningful way.

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