7 thoughts on “Birth control

  1. This is a blatant political power play by the morally bankrupt Catholic Church aimed at destroying “Obamacare” and the Obama presidency. The Catholic Church has been trying to raze the United States of America, and all other popular governments, since the Congress of Vienna in 1814-1815. (See the Civil War) If you receive federal funds, Medicare and/or Medicaid, than you have no ‘choice’ except to follow the letter of the law. Birth control, abortion and sterilization are legal. Yo have the ‘choice’ of opting out of federal money if you so ‘choose’. Period. End of discussion.

  2. Let them enforce their rules on their own people first. The bishops can instruct their priests to deny communion to any person who uses artificial contraception. If they excommunicated the 75% of the women who use contraceptives, their churches would die in a few months.

  3. As of my opinion contraceptive pills are the most effective for birth control but it sometime it’s unable to get ride of unwanted of unwanted birth so no doubt such Birth Control Clinic will be helpful in this way. Can you please check out mine as well. We are writing about the same items.

    Thank a lot, Janet!

  4. Separation of Church and State…

    “Good Catholics” shouldn’t be worried by this law, if they follow their beliefs properly no one in the Church would be requiring any of the services mandated by the law, thereby the Church would not be required to provide them.

    Why is the Church receiving public money in the first place?

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