4 thoughts on “Fukushima

  1. How did the “American” government immediately respond to the Fukushima crisis?

    By cutting off the funding for radiation monitoring, of course.

    I’m not going to go looking for them and I wouldn’t want to blog-whore your place with a bunch of links anyway, but throughout the early months of “the crisis” I was all over this at my place… Cascadia, euphemistically known as the “Pacific Northwest”, is no stranger to radioactive fallout – I was born with a third thumb. The government shut-down monitoring all along the Pacific coast, throughout the Gulf of Alaska, and inland as far as Denver. They even shut down the monitoring at Hanford.

    You didn’t think they’d tell you the truth, did you?

  2. Exactly. It follows the lead of the financial services sector that “escaped” prosecution for fraud and got “bailed out” by throwing the middle class under the bus. That ain’t all though. Not by a long shot – now we have a Monsanto lobbyist at the head of our food safety “watchdog” agency, the coal and other energy sectors completely unregulated (as far as greenhouse gases go) and committing (via Hanson at NASA) “crimes against humanity.” The corporate sector has basically BOUGHT Congress and now it matters not WHICH of the shills you pick to hang you, you’re still gonna hang after the “election.”

  3. Nothing wrong with a few good links to get people read –or re-read– good info, Ten Bears. They’d be most welcomed.

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