6 thoughts on “Old

  1. Yes, and soon you will be 70.
    Call me when you’re 70, and we’ll talk.
    (Makes me glad I married late. Only my 24th, if I had any idea what the date was. October, I think.)

  2. You know what’s funny? How the older I get the harder it is to be “old.” When I was five I remember thinking those big people who were 16 were old. When I was 30, that wasn’t old, but 50 was fossilized. When I was 50, hell, even 60 began looking more and more like just good ole middle age.

    Pretty soon I’ll be wagging a bony finger at grey-haired geezers and saying, “Kid, you don’t know nothin yet.”

  3. Yeah – a year or so ago I realized I would have celebrated my 20th anniversary if still married, and I turn 50 within a month, and lots of grey on the temples and beard, and seeing pics of myself when younger with very dark hair and declaring “there’s no way my hair was that dark”…..

    Getting “old”, but better than the alternative. 😉

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