On the other side

I’m beginning to feel more normal. Yeah, still sleeping a lot and with some residual pain and pulling from the incisions, but the worst of it seems to be gone. It hurts to sit up too long, but it gets a little better every day.

More important, as frustrating as it was to be sidelined this long, I discovered I really needed this mental break. I didn’t realize just how stressed out I’ve been and for how long; once I admitted to myself that no, I wasn’t going to bounce back quickly, it was exceedingly pleasant to just chill. I watched a lot of TV and read many, many books. (No, I didn’t watch any cable news. Dear God, no.)

Anyway, I’ll probably be back to normal next week. Thanks for your patience.

3 thoughts on “On the other side

  1. In order to deal with the absurdity of reality, I have read 38 Agatha Christie books since Christmas. Can you top that? But at least I have not lost my mind, “the little grey cells”.

  2. That’s great news. You deserve all the ‘wellness’ you can get. Now on to the next challenge. There’s always the next challenge.

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