So I have multiple incisions from the surgery, and because I’m a big believer now in myofascial therapy, I’ve been kind of working the areas around the wounds to keep everything moving freely.

Last night, I pushed down gently on one of the incisions and felt this little “pop” — you know, like bubble wrap? Then I pushed on another one and got another pop. Anyone ever experience anything like this? Not complaining, mind you – just curious.

Anyway, had my last visit with the surgeon yesterday. He was surprised that I really did have shingles, and that the antivirals got rid of it. “But you didn’t have a rash,” he said, turning to explain to the resident he was training.

“I did have a rash. I just had that one blister,” I reminded him. “When my kids were little and both had chicken pox (ed. note: shingles are a later incarnation of chicken pox), the one whose rash covered him from head to toe had no other symptoms. The one who only had three or four blisters was the one who was as sick as a dog.”

“Hmmph,” he said. You could almost see the “old wives tale” thought balloon above his head.

Anyway, so I’m feeling close to normal again. No severe pain and even got to sleep on my right side for the first time last night. My sleep’s a little screwed up, so I have to get back to a saner routine, and I’m still a little tired. But I’m planning to go back to the gym next week.

What a long, strange trip it’s been.