One thought on “The long game

  1. It’s more likely that when he got into office Obama found himself trapped inside a much smaller box than he had anticipated. “You can’t turn an aircraft carrier around on a dime.” For example today Congressman Howard Berman (D-Calif) said, “Iran must end its nuclear weapons program.” Since 1979 Iran has publically stated again and again that it has no desire to possess nuclear weapons. That makes Berman’s statement nothing but militant, Zionist propaganda. These same neo-cons, and Israel, were wrong or were lying about Saddam’s quest for a nuclear weapon. Just because Israel and their Zionist minions in the U.S. Congress claim that Iran is trying to build a nuclear weapon doesn’t make it so. What these warmongers are saying about Iran’s intentions is nothing but right wing propaganda designed to justify another war. And Obama finds himself trapped inside their well constructed box with little room to wiggle once again.

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