I bought a giant box of Kashi granola bars at Costco. “No high fructose corn syrup, nothing artificial”, they trumpet on the box. Instead, they use brown rice syrup. Since I’m a good little diverticulosis patient, I’ve been eating at least two a day.

So today I read this:

Worrisome levels of arsenic have been found in two infant formulas that contain organic brown rice syrup as a main ingredient, researchers reported Thursday. Arsenic was also found in some cereal bars that contain organic brown rice syrup.

The toxic element is a known contaminate found in rice because the crop absorbs arsenic from soil. According to the authors of the study, from Dartmouth College, the type found in the food products has been identified as a human carcinogen. Arsenic can also cause skin, lung and intestinal irritation as well as miscarriage and infertility.

The paper, published online in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, found arsenic in two of 17 infant formulas tested. One sample had an arsenic concentration six times the federal limit for arsenic allowable in bottled water or drinking water. In infants, such a level could be toxic because they consume more per pound of body weight compared to adults.

Among 29 cereal bars tested, those containing syrup or other forms of rice had arsenic levels two to 12 times higher than the allowable limit.

2 thoughts on “Rats

  1. kashi is owned by kellogg. “natural” means nothing. bet it has soy, canola and corn somewhere…all gmo. throw that crap out and don’t be seduced by the low prices. go to tj’s and buy something organic.

  2. Scary! Hope you don’t get any arsenic.

    If gray hair starts turning dark, worry (or so I’ve heard).

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