It was a month ago today that I had my gall bladder whacked. I have to say, there were times I wondered if I’d ever feel normal again, but here it is, and after “only” one month. Yes, it was worth all the aggravation.

I’m still a little bit tired, but I’m going back to the gym next week.

4 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. I’m SO HAPPY for you, Suze. Are you still gonna be “in the mood for loving “.

    Just checking…………………..”)

  2. Hooray! Good to hear this. I’m assuming you’re going to the gym with the blessings of your docs, surgeon? Were you given any guidelines as to what you can do initially and what you need to work up to?

    A month, plus the months prior to your surgery, can cause your body to weaken, so please take it easy.

    Is there anyone at the gym who might advise you as to what you can do safely and how to build up your muscles?

    Best wishes, and, again, hip, hip, hooray!

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