3 thoughts on “Why Obama changed his mind on medical marijuana

  1. Big Pharma, yes, but also Big Law Enforcement (including the prison industrial system, Homeland, border patrol, DEA, and every police/sherrif in the country). They all just lurve the drug war, lotsa money for everyone, and if anyone squawks, then they’re cast as a terrorist/communist who wants to destroy the children of America! Hard to campaign against that level of demonization.

    The prominent placement of the DEA head in this article was a tell.

  2. Heck Yeah… Big Pharma, Police/Sheriffs, Judges and MANY MANY more.Good ole boys who REALLY have run this place for over innumerous years and who told Obama theres not a chance in hell it’ll be legalizewd until they figure out the full circle of how to capitalize on it $$ (Rockafeller, Bush, Dupont, William R. Hearst and their lineage to name just a few) Plus the many Assorted Lobbyist on the take and paying off govt to allow ([case in point=weed illegal and alcohol/cigs. etc. legal and killing many daily}. Oh and then theres this point regarding the police, prison system etc. Think of all the billions of dollars lost if its legalized and nothing to replace the lost funds and wages of everyone from the janitors, guards, food delivery, laundry companies, etc., per prison x how many prisons across this country. Everyone it takes to run that system…. an economy on to its own that would not help the overall economy in any way if it was less than it is today… And since we are stuck having the highest incarceration rate in the world and the filled/overcrowded facilities to house them you dont think the guards would want to watch real bad criminals do you. That’d be dangerous! Hmmmm… if you were a guard would you rather mainly guard murderers, rapists, hardened criminals, tweekers and the like or stoners with some of the other riff raff thrown in in lower numbers? Stoners any day!!! Non agressive, not plotting to escape, no raping their cellmate or trying to shank a inmate of another color or guard…. they’re just in lock up trying to figure out the main question of… “Ok what just happened? I got busted with less than an ounce of some descent weed that I was burning solo and not hurting anyone when the neighbors had the cops out and they smelled my stash and knocked in my door, shot my dog, bomb rushed my kids and wife and knocked me out cause I stood up at the noise.” WTF! It happens regularly – TRUTH!!

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