Best gun salesman ever?

Barack Obama! Even though he hasn’t done a thing to control guns, he gets accused of it anyway, because that’s how your basic paranoid wingnut thinks:

Although the nation’s largest gun lobby would never publicly acknowledge it, at least one gun-loving group seems to realize that a Democratic president isn’t always bad for business.

In a post published Tuesday by online ammunition supplier, President Barack Obama is hailed as “the greatest gun salesman in America.”

The site is even asking readers whether the gun industry should actually begin supporting him.

In an eye-grabbing message, the munitions outlet compiled dozens of statistics that show firearms sales skyrocketing in the wake of Obama’s 2008 election.

“Ironically, the perceived hostility towards gun owners by President Obama has actually helped the firearms industry tremendously,” they wrote. “Since the 2008 election, more Americans than ever before are purchasing firearms & ammunition. This has meant massive increases in sales by firearm & ammunition makers, billions more in federal and state tax collections related to guns & ammo, increased membership in the [National Rifle Association (NRA)], and hundreds of thousands of new Americans carrying concealed handguns. Therefore, should the firearms industry support President Obama for a second term or not?”

That’s actually a good question — although it’s not being taken seriously by the NRA.

During the recent Conservative Political Action Conference, NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre declared Obama’s lack of interest in gun regulations to be part of “a massive Obama conspiracy.”

“We see the president’s strategy crystal clear: Get re-elected and, with no more elections to worry about, get busy dismantling and destroying our firearms’ freedom, erase the Second Amendment from the Bill of Rights and excise it from the U.S. Constitution,” he said.

An infographic compiled by the site claims taxes on the sales of new firearms and ammunition have gone up 48 percent since 2008, and state-by-state breakdowns show that North Carolina, Iowa and Utah have all seen more than 100 percent increases in gun sales.

President Obama has made quite literally no effort to impose additional regulations on firearms, and has actually expanded gun rights in America by signing a measure that allows Americans to carry guns in national parks. That very measure allowed a group of tea party supporters to stage an “open carry” protest in 2010 just a few miles away from the White House.

7 thoughts on “Best gun salesman ever?

  1. The right wing loonies “will cling to their guns and Bibles….” said somebody. Oh yeah, that was Obama. It would appear that once again he understood the American people better than they understand themselves.

  2. This conservative paranoia is totally insane, but it is real and pervasive, cynically pumped up for profit and power. I blame Limbaugh, Beck, Fox News, etc. I personally know an 88-year-old man who had probably not shot a gun since he got out of the Army in 1945. But he went out and bought a new rifle before Obama’s election in 2008, even though he and his wife are barely surviving on Social Security.

  3. All-the-moreso, lurker, when you consider that a rifle is an incredibly poor defensive weapon. A good deer rifle is dinner, a good revolver is defense.

    [I grew up on a cattle ranch where guns were an important tool, and while I never bought into that whole shoot the runaway horse thing – horse spooked by a rattlesnake, your foot’s in the stirrup and you’re flopping around on the ground no doubt getting your head kicked by the runaway horse’s hooves and, right, you pull your pistol and shoot the horse. Uhuh, sure – but I have shot a rattlesnake before it spooked m’horse]

  4. Rattlesnakes are mighty skinny targets, podnuh.
    You must be an outstanding shot.

    That 88-year old was fixin’ to use his rifle as a club. Saves money on ammo, that does.

  5. I remember some people on our side being quite upset when Obama spoke about bitter people clinging to guns and bibles…

    pretty sure some of those people are still very bitter.

    In any case, LaPierre of the NRA keeps pushing the line that obama has not done anything on guns because he is keeping his agenda secret until he is re-elected, THEN he will bans guns.

  6. Yes, IZ, it does and yes, I am. Something I grew up with – huntin’, fishin’, fightin’, fu…. – at a time when we out here were really a rather “provincial” part of the country.

    Steveeboy, if you’re going to plumb the bowels of conspiracy theory, it would be best to do so away from the conspirators themselves. Obama’s not going to take our guns… he’s just going to make ammunition impossible to purchase.

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