Frank Luntz

If you don’t count money (which is how people with no creative talent keep score), he’s what I think of as a classic loser in the game of life. No spouse, no children, workaholic, kicked out of his professional organization for ethical violations, no standards to speak of, bad toupee. I’m guessing he has to pay for sex. He’s the kind of person who makes other people feel good, because everyone can find something about this scumbag to make themselves feel superior. Isn’t it interesting, that any news organizations treat him like he’s credible? Because he’s not just on Fox News.

And now, he jokes about killing the president. Isn’t he just too special?

Fox News contributor Frank Luntz on Monday made a suggestion about running over the nation’s first black president with his car.

Appearing at an event with Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum in West Michigan, the GOP pollster warmed up the audience with a few jokes. Video of the event was captured by The Grand Rapids Press.

“I actually have a ‘Run, Barack, Run’ bumper sticker, but I put it on the front of my car,” Luntz said.

He told another joke about McDonald’s “Obama Happy Meal,” where you “order anything you want and guy behind you has to pay for it.”

Luntz also poked fun at former President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for living in Chappaqua, N.Y.

“Did you know that Chappaqua is Indian for separate bedrooms?” he asked the crowd.

One thought on “Frank Luntz

  1. Frank:
    Certainly you must be aware that bumper stickers in the South say “Run, N*gger, Run”. Your “joke” at the Santorum event about a bumper sticker saying “Run, Barack, Run” was a racist dog whistle.

    The President is running, & he will remain in office for another 4 years. You & your racist pals needs to realize your vile “jokes” aren’t funny.

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