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  1. I kept an image of a seedy, not-particularly clean or sane med school student, trying to devise a form of torture through gut-cleansing. And the image of sticking him with long, sharp pins. Like a voodoo doll.

  2. My elderly neighbor reacted to the liquid and began throwing up, couldn’t keep it down. Had to cancel her colonoscopy.

    The stuff nearly made me sick to my stomach. Awful, awful tasting. Which is why I’m overdue for a follow-up….

  3. When I had my colonoscopy they gave me two tiny pills and had me go to Walgreens to buy these two (I believe) tiny bottles to drink. Those tiny bottles are now banned (what’d they do to me?????)
    My partner had these huge glasses to drink – what, a gallon or more?
    I’m not sure if I’d been able to drink that much non-beer liquid…ugh.
    Still, I had to do it twice because ‘they lost’ the polyps they cut from me.
    The second time, while I was on the table (!!!!) the doctor wondered whether we should do this again and actually asked me whether I thought he should. I told him I went through all this crap so he’d better!
    My partner had to go a year or so after that, they screwed up her billing and ended up owing some $4K. Same insurance, same office. I owed nothing.
    Needless to say, won’t be going back to that office again!
    Not that it matters – we haven’t had insurance in about 4 years.
    I’m 48, she’ll be 58 this month….
    At least, finally, one of us has a job. No insurance, but a job, which keeps the roof over our heads and us and the animals fed.
    Shit is fucked up and bullshit.

  4. Post colonoscopy: drink lots and lots and lots of water. It will help with the recovery of dehydration, the knock out drugs, and stress of the unknown and the procedure.

    You should be fine by the next day. And lighter.

  5. When they were just about to put me out, with my bare backside camera ready I told the assembled medical team. This feels SO MUCH like an Alien abduction, the last thing I heard was LAUGHTER
    All the best

  6. I took antiemetic pills before drinking all that foul-tasting liquid. Keeps one from throwing up, because that is not a natural amount of water to drink in such a short time. One time I did have that two-bottle prep (as Dutch referred to), which was such a relief, but they stopped using that prep because it is extremely hard on the kidneys. Back to the gallon of bitter soapy water. Ugh. And JELLO!

  7. Ok, I confess Suze: I smoked a long joint before my last colonsearch. It’s about time for another one—been three years—but I don’t have a good hook-up anymore for the J……guess I’ll sweat it out like everyon else this time around……..Good luck… chile! 🙂

  8. The last time I had one of these was during a hospital stay. The nurse neglected to refrigerate the solution, so she thoughtfully loaded up each glassful with ice before pouring the salts in.
    After a while, I realized that I was on track to drink TWO gallons of that crap due to the added ice, and that she was also diluting the solution as well.
    I asked her to stop the ice, and then drank the rest of the vile slop straight and not chilled.
    Still, I wound up drinking about 6 quarts of that yummy stuff.
    Why are hospital bills so costly with staffing like this?

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