Class warfare? It’s only just begun

How did we sink to where less than 12 percent of workers are represented by unions? To where the corporate media allows perversely false phrases such as “right to work” to enter the language? More here.

One thought on “Class warfare? It’s only just begun

  1. The unions were corrupt. That’s one issue. Right to work laws. That’s another issue. Ramptant corruption will kill off any organization very quickly. The unions were corrupt. Which explains that 12% number for the most part. The North unionized after the Civil War and the South did not. The South was on track to become unionized until Johnson passed his Great Society legislation. The Voting Rights Act, etc. That explains the right to work legislation all over the South and now in the North. Another reason for that 12% number. This legislation is driven by Republicans who also believe that women should listen and not talk.

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