4 thoughts on “Olympia Snowe

  1. I can understand cheering that Snowe is gone. I cannot understand cheering that some worthless, feckless Democrat will win the seat and hide behind the filibuster screaming ‘This is the best I can do!’ for the rest of his life.

    That is the reason the Democratic party can only win when Republicans lose, and that’s the reason why this country is in such terrible shape.

  2. soullite, you’re joking right? Your reason for the mess that we are in is the Democrats? Really? How about we put the blame where it belongs. 1% of the population owns 40% of the wealth. That 1% controls the political process in no less a dictatorial way than did Adolf Hitler and his 1% backers. The system is rigged by the 1% and with few exceptions only the most corrupt are chosen by the 1% to exercise power. The culling process begins very early in the mansions of the 1%.

  3. good riddance

    snowejob talked a good game, but at crunch time
    gave the wingers and righties her votes.

    a case of addition by subtraction

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