Attention, night owls

Especially the Left Coasters: We’re switching to a new template late tonight, so if you notice anything strange, that’s why!

The current one has some glitches, so we’re moving again. Thanks for your patience.

14 thoughts on “Attention, night owls

  1. I hope you will put the individual blog author’s name next to the title or somewhere on the front page. Some of us would like to know who wrote each piece before reading!

  2. It looks nice — clean and easy to read.
    I’d suggest expanding the number of “recent comments” on the right to, say, 20, ‘cuz otherwise they disappear pretty quickly.

  3. Nice formatting change, BUT…now each post appears magically with no author whatsoever! AND, while there’s a date, there’s no timestamp on the post itself. I find that important when judging where in the story flow a post fits in.

    It would be nice to see both.

    I like having more comments on the right as ten leaves most in the dust very quickly. I try to keep up but sometimes don’t get to read each comment, especially if I’ve commented early on.

    Is there any (easy for you to implement) way to indicate which comments have been read by a particular reader? It is helpful.

  4. cons:
    no time, no author
    sans serif is cute, overused online, worse for readability and retention than serif (see research)

    layout, color is ok (bright, but I assume that’s by design)

  5. Bylines and times are a must. Otherwise we must ass–u–me that susie is at fault and shortly after midnight (that’s when the NSA does its dump).

  6. I saw authorship line for some posts from yesterday — but no timelines yet. I really miss the timelines. But I’ve also really missed the bylines.

    Have commenters here found any other usual and customery HTML tags which are no longer functional? Blockquote is a big one for as it’s so much easier to see when there’s a quote with the visual guide of indentations.

  7. Suggestions: I see the bylines are not yet firmed up — or at least not sticking. Really do want bylines and timestamps. Puh-leeeeeze!

    Also, I see the way to get to comments is now way at the top (date, followed by number of comments) of each post, which is no big deal for short posts. BUT…with longer posts, it means scrolling back to the top to be able to enter comments.

    (Next, test for blockquote tags.)

    Can they come down to the bottom of the post, so that once we’ve read it and feel like commenting, it’s right there to click on and proceed to commenting?

    However, I have noticed that longer posts tend to shortened for front page positioningm so maybe this is no big deal. But if it’s easy to change, can that be done?


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