3 thoughts on “No nuclear bomb in Iran

  1. Of course there are no nukes in Iran. The far right in this country—and in Israel—have tried to edge Obama closer to another war, but he isn’t biting. What a can of worms THAT would be!

    Hell, we just left Iraq, right next door to Iran, so why do the warmonging thing now. He’s got an election to win in November, and bombing anybody (including Syria: read McCain) would be totally counter-intuitive. Iran may be a trouble-maker in the region, but a real threat? No way.

  2. John McCain is a warmongering son-of-a-bitch. He and the other neo-con (Zionists) criminals like Graham and Blumenthal (Lieberman’s replacement) want the U.S. to bomb Syria and arm the Free Syrian Army. The Free Syrian Army is made up of local malitias, defecting Syrian army soldiers, private armies controlled by local strongmen, and al-Qaeda volunteers. Shiite’s and Sunni’s are also fighting each other in Syria. What McCain and the other insane in the membrane neo-cons (Zionists) are calling for is the United States to take sides militarily in a civil/sectarian war. That is lunacy.

  3. Then we may expect Khamenei to allow inspections? Pakistan was the source of all these centrifuges and of course they didn’t build a bomb with them. Israel thwarted the non-proliferation protocol and built a nuclear arsenal in the Middle East. Now they want to enforce non-proliferation. Lunacy everywhere you look. I say let Isreal proceed at its peril, alone!

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