Beans in your ears

By Susie

I’ll sell you these bombs, as long as you promise not to use them!

WASHINGTON – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu requested the United States approve the sale of advanced refueling aircraft as well as GBU-28 bunker-piercing bombs to Israel during a recent meeting with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, a top U.S. official said on Tuesday.

The American official said that U.S. President Barack Obama instructed Panetta to work directly with Defense Minister Ehud Barak on the matter, indicating that the U.S. administration was inclined to look favorably upon the request as soon as possible.

During the administration of former U.S. President George Bush, the U.S. refused to sell bunker-penetrating bombs and refueling aircrafts to Israel, as a result of American estimates that Israel would then use them to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Following Obama’s entrance into the White House, however, the United States approves a string of Israeli requests to purchase advance armament.

4 thoughts on “Beans in your ears

  1. Obama has an Israel problem. Israel hates Obama’s guts. They have hated Obama’s guts since day one. For three years Obama has prevented a war with Iran. He has accomplished that even though Israel has tried in every way possible to undermine his presidency and to start a war with Iran. Here is one example of what Obama has been up against. The retiring Lieberman spoke at AIPAC the other day. He said he had two regrets 1) that he was unable to help get a Peace deal between Israel and Palestine 2) That the capital of Israel hasn’t been moved to Jerusalem. You can never get a Peace deal with the Palestinian’s if you demand that the capital of Israel be in Jerusalem. Never. So Lieberman, the American Zionist crowd and Israel really do not want a Peace deal with the Palestinian’s. They never have and they never will. The United States can force the issue. But if you do that Israel will hate your guts. So the only other approach is to give (or sell) Israel enough rope to hang itself with.

  2. If I sell a weapon to an individual who tells me that he or she intends to use that weapon to kill many of his neighbors, and there is proof I was told that, would I not be considered in league with the actual perpetrator of the murders and thus subject to prosecution?

    My government is making my country into the No. One Rogue Nation in the world.

    “Not in my name” doesn’t really absolve me of guilt. Voting against those in charge of the government doesn’t really absolve me.

    We need an intervention!

  3. jawbone, it’s actually much simpler that that. It is a war crime to threaten to attack any nation. There are really only two countries on earth who threaten other nations with war on a consistent basis. Israel and the United States. As Netanyahu said the other day “Israel is the United States and the United States is Israel.” And still people wonder why Iran calls the United States the “great Satan” and al-Qaeda carries out military attacks against us.

  4. We sold Israel cluster bombs, fragmentation missiles and white phosphorus shells and … So why not sell them bunkerbusters to enforce non-proliferation?

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