Kucinich loses

By Susie

And from what I hear, couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Although Marcy Kaptor is indeed very bad on abortion rights and so far, has been unwilling to bend, I think the people of this Ohio district will be well served by the famously hard-working Kaptur. In keeping with Kucinich’s reputation, he refused to congratulate Kaptur, instead attacking her campaign as “lacking in integrity.”

WASHINGTON — On Tuesday night, progressives confronted the unimaginable: Congress without Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio). The eight-term congressman lost his primary election for Ohio’s newly created 9th district to Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio).

The loss also deprives the nation of a general election contest between two national polarizing figures, as one of the candidates in the district’s GOP primary was Joe Wurzelbacher — better known as “Joe the Plumber.” The GOP race was still too close to call at the time of publishing. [Update: Joe the Plumber won the Republican nomination.)

Kaptur and Kucinich were victims of a congressional redistricting process that combined their seats. Because of the population losses recorded by the 2010 U.S. Census, Ohio lost two congressional districts and the borders of the remaining districts were redrawn. The new map combines the districts of Kaptur, who represents what is currently the 9th district, and Kucinich, who represents the 10th.

According to the count on the official Ohio secretary of state website, Kaptur had won four out of the five counties in the district, although not all of the ballots had been counted.

“I thought it was ours to win,” she said, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, but in her speech, she assured Kucinich’s former constituents that she would “pay attention to them, too.”

9 thoughts on “Kucinich loses

  1. Nothing in politics happens by accident. The better of the two candidates lost this race. Kaptur is a blue-dog Democrat. The Washinton state primary is on August 4. Look for Kucinich to be in that state by the June filing deadline. Ohio sucks.

  2. Kucinich is brash and arrogant and occasionally obnoxious, but he speaks long and loudly for unions and the blue collar worker. Kaptur may have better manners, but as Imhotep notes, she’s solid blue-dog.

    Interestingly, Joe the Plumber won the Republican primary and will face Kaptur in the fall.

  3. Your obvious hatred toward Kucinich doesn’t really lend your pro-Kaptur statements any credibility.

    But fuck, who cares about working people, right? Certainly not Marcy Kaptur. I’m sure she will work very hard for corporate America, her true ‘constituents’.

  4. Yes, Kaptur is a blue-dog Dem, but it’s worse than that. Kucinich stood almost alone among Dems in opposing the Iraq war ten years ago, and in spelling out the corruption behind the government’s eagerness to go to war. Who’s left in Congress who will tell it like it is regarding the corrupt ties between Wall Street, the big corporations and the White House? You can count them on the fingers of one hand.

  5. Yeah, I’m with Kuci too, warts and all.
    Whoe seat would he run for in Worshington? (Ed Meese pronounciation.)

  6. Whoe = Whose.
    An embarrassing example of losing my s.

    Is a preview button or editing button available in this software?

  7. Marcy Kaptur isn’t a blue dog. She has a few conservative positions, but she’s a progressive on everything else.

    So Soullite, as usual, is talking out his ass.

  8. If you vote “Yes” to wage an illegal war and/or to continue funding an illegal war, you are not a Progressive Democrat. You are a Blue-Dog Democrat plain and simple.

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