Scarier than John Ashcroft

By Odd Man Out
Eric Holder might feel more at home in Vladimir Putin’s Justice Department than in the USA’s. Susie blogged about Charles Pierce’s take on the Attorney General the other day.

Yesterday, Jonathan Turley weighed in with his impressions:

…Democrats are largely silent in the face of a president claiming the right to unilaterally kill citizens.

Holder became particularly cryptic in his assurance of caution in the use of this power, insisting that they will kill citizens only with “the consent of the nation involved or after a determination that the nation is unable or unwilling to deal effectively with a threat to the United States.” What on earth does that mean?

This is precisely why the framers of the US constitution rejected the “trust me” approach to government, as discussed in this column. Since last year, US drones have killed three Americans overseas.

One thought on “Scarier than John Ashcroft

  1. The only question Democrats seem to have is whether it’s unfair to judge Obama by the standard of an FDR (either because of circumstance or how Obama campaigned), or if he IS the second coming of FDR, and progressives are too stupid and evil to realize it.

    I used to support Democrats. Now I hate them worse than I could ever hate the Republicans. You always hate traitors more than you do an honest enemy.

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