By Susie
My best friend kept telling me about this movie, “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.” It’s about a guy who goes on a juicing diet. Compelling, right? Yeah, me neither. That’s why it took me a while until I watched it on Netflix. (You can watch it on YouTube for $1.99 if you want.)

And you know what? It was really good, even funny. I told one of my brothers about it, and he started juicing. The other day, he even sent me a juicer as a thank-you present. So now I’m juicing!

I have to admit, the juice I made yesterday sucked. It was all fruit and much too sweet. Today’s is much better: Carrots, a cucumber, some kale, a green apple and a couple slices of mango. It tastes really good! If only it didn’t look like baby diarrhea.

Vegetables are expensive, though. I bought this first batch at the supermarket, but it will only last a few days. I’ll be headed to one of the produce outlets (really cheap, everything’s ripe so you have to use it fast) to pick up some more.

P.S. I’ve now discovered that people like me who are allergic to grass shouldn’t eat chard. So I won’t, ever again. Hopefully my sinuses will die down soon.

4 thoughts on “Juiced

  1. I have been near to buying one myself, but I wonder about how hard it is to clean. What is your experience?

  2. It’s a pain, you can’t let it sit or tiny pieces clog everything. But it comes with a long-handled scrub brush that helped. Mine is the Hamilton Juice Extra from Walmart, it was $60.

  3. Definitely don’t let it sit without at least rinsing. But the Jack LaLane juicer only takes 5 min to clean, so I do it while I drink the juice. And produce bags are perfect liners for the bin that catches the pulp-one less piece to clean. But it’s white, so it gets stained by dark veggies like beets, carrots & kale. You get used to it.

  4. carrot apple beet is a lovely red color, and it is SO delcious. Spike it with a little ginger root.

    It’s my understanding extractors are easier to clean than juicers. they are also more expensive.

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