Serfs don’t need no schoolin’

Uneducated = ignorant and apathetic, which is just fine with Romney and his cronies

By Odd Man Out
Yes, it’s true that college education isn’t for everybody, and that the need for trades people of all sorts is as important as the need for college-educated workers. But the ruling class’s antipathy to public education is about more than this. More here.

One thought on “Serfs don’t need no schoolin’

  1. Let’s all sing along with new lyrics for Pink Floyd’s The Wall:

    Serfs don’t need no ed-u-cation
    We can then do thought control
    With dark sarcasm from Fox news-casts
    Teachers leave my serfs alone!

    Hey! Teacher! Leave my serfs alone!
    All in all it’s just a-nother brick for my wall…

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