By Susie
I’m standing in the far corner of a mall parking lot, and I see the mall entrance erupt in flames. Then I see a massive explosion which I know is from a bomb going off. As I stand there watching, I see a full-size plane fly into the building. I think to myself, “Yeah, they wanted to do three separate things to show us this is no accident.”


7 thoughts on “Dream

  1. I’m assuming this is posted by Susie?

    You sure do have the most intersting dreams.

    And I seldom if ever remember dreaming, and if I do awake remembering a dream it fades away swiftly.


  2. Netanyahu had his ass handed to him this past week by Obama. So you just knew that Israel was going to blow something up and kill lots of people. Well, it began last night when Netanyahu ordered his air force to carry out an unprovoked and pre-emptive bombing on Gaza. In the last two days the Israelis have killed 14 people and wounded dozens of others just because they can and for no other reason. Israel has been one of the least Peaceful and most violent countries on earth for the last 47 years.

  3. It’s the times we live in. I dreamt the other night that somehow my car had been wrecked. When I went to pay for it all my cash had turned to monopoly money and to get the car back I had to ride a telephone booth-sized, open elevator into a deep, deep mine :-/

  4. well my car could’ve blown up yesterday, for real. on way to work it was making horrible noises so dropped off with mechanic around the corner. the straps that hold the gas tank in place had broken and it was bouncing on the axle, and it could’ve gone kaboom.

    off to car rental…

  5. Yeah, there was a whole parade of flashing lights from fire-trucks and police vehicles in front of a mall i drove by yesterday (K of P?), but i didn’t see any flames. i thought you were describing that (it has yet to be explained on the news – it may have been a drill, for all i know) until i read “dream.”

  6. Those three things are the economy which is represented by the mall, the terror state which is represented by the plane into the building and the so called “war on women” which is represented by the bomb. Your conclusion is correct. It is no accident that all of the things are happening at one time. They are meant to disorient you and make you vulnerable so that you are malleable.
    And the Demicrats are willing participants. In fact there is no Democratic party as we knew it. The Republicans who were not social conservatives bought the Democratic party in 2008 and now they own it.
    Wake up and smell the coffee.

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