Lone gunman?

by Susie
The Times is reporting that one sergeant is responsible for the Afghanistan massacre yesterday, although one witness says otherwise:

Mr. Hadi said there was more than one soldier involved in the attacks, and at least five other villagers described seeing a number of soldiers, and also a helicopter and flares at the scene. But that claim was unconfirmed — other Afghan residents described seeing only one gunman — and it was unclear whether extra troops had been sent out to the village after the attack to catch the gunman.

Do we trust the military to tell the truth? Not really. We may never know what really happened.

3 thoughts on “Lone gunman?

  1. On another front. The unprovoked bombing of Gaza by Israel has been going on for four days now. In its latest aggression, Israel has killed at least 21 and wounded 54+. Including innocent children and women. So far the Palestinians have shown remarkable restraint in the face of Israel’s ongoing war crimes. When will the world community condemn the rogue nation of Israel for executing this brutal and bloody military campaign? Probably about the same time the U.S. is condemned for its illegal military adventurism in Afghanistan. Who do ‘you’ trust these days?

  2. Isn’t it terrible that we simply can’t believe anything we’re told by our government anymore? Maybe if they paid as much attention to prosecuting war criminals as they do to prosecuting whistle-blowers . . . ?

  3. Ron, are you talking about people like Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Yoo, North, Kissinger and Nixon?

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