4 thoughts on “I’m a Mac… and I’ve got a dirty secret

  1. Why always poking at Apple so much?

    This problem, and it is a problem, is endemic to the entire consumer electronics industry and in no way whatsoever particular to Apple. The video at the end offers silhouettes of many of the products contributing to this problem.

    It’s at least as bad with respect to your PC, your stereo, your TV, your radio and music playing equipment and all the things that have embedded dedicated controllers in them such as air conditioners, stoves, refrigerators, automobiles, etc., yet you are so often pointing fingers at Apple.

    If you don’t like their products, don’t buy them.

    By selectively pointing a finger (in YOUR headline) at Apple you implicitly give a pass to the far greater number of other devices from other companies which contribute to this pervasive problem of modern manufacture.

    Shades of the Greenpeace mendacity of a few years ago…

    In the post just after this one you make reference to efforts by Intel to improve their use of resources. Guess who buys lots of Intel chips for use in their computers? Apple. The MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacPro, MacBook Air, iMac, all use Intel chips. Of course these Apple products are and have been manufactured with conflict minerals because the Intel chips of today aren’t made the way the article says they hope to make them two years hence.

    Are you picking on Apple because they have failed to travel into the future to buy chips that Intel say they may not begin to manufacture until some time out in 2013? And which chips will these be… will they be suitable for any computer?

    In 2013, should the chips appear and be used in Macs or other Apple products, will you then complain about Apple regarding the fact that only the Tantalum is conflict free and the other three minerals described in the article perhaps have not yet been made a part of the same program?

    Intel is a chip fabricator, the largest in the world. Apple doesn’t do fab; they buy products from Intel and Samsung and others. Sometimes they devise the plans for the layout and design of the chips, notably in their iPads and iPhones, but they do not manufacture these devices. They buy what is available from existing fabricators.

    If your only choices as a consumer compel you to choose the least bad of what’s available for your needs do you regard yourself as a legitimate target of condemnation and scorn for making that choice?

  2. Steve Jobs was an evil, amoral sumbitch.
    It will be interesting to see if the post-Jobs Apple will behave a little better than he did.
    One good sign is that they seem to be reinstating the corporate charitable giving program that he terminated after rejoining the company way back when.

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