Vampire squid strikes back

by Odd Man Out
I got a kick out of reading an anonymous Goldman Sachs employee’s putdown of former Goldman employee Greg Smith’s confessional op-ed: Smith doesn’t know what he’s talking about because he “never made more than $750,000 a year.” A pittance! More here.

2 thoughts on “Vampire squid strikes back

  1. Who’s ready for higher prices at the gas pump. You’d better be because they’re coming. Speaking of Goldman Sachs and big time international finance. Today SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Finance) blocked 30 Iranian banks from using its services. That means that the Iranians can no longer receive payment for their oil. Which will cause a worldwide oil shortage. The Goldman, JP Morgan speculators are already bidding up the price of oil and making a nifty profit. The Saudis said that they will try to make up any shortage. Good luck with that. Obama and Cameron said that they will release oil from their strategic oil reserves to help out. Again, good luck with that. China and India said that they would begin paying for Iranian oil with gold. That’s a laugh. All of this nonsense is brought to us by a United States Congress who kisses Israel’s ass on demand. If you want to blame somebody for your higher gasoline prices blame Israel. Because that’s who’s behind all of this crazy shit.

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