One thought on “Bankruptcy

  1. Double standard — it’s now so obvious even most not-blog reading Americans can figure it out.

    We live in a Kleptocratic Corporatocracy, much of it criminal but allowed to skate because we are governed, in deed and fact, by the Corporatists and those who benefit from the redistribution of wealth up to the the 1% (most of it to the top 0.01%).

    Since they do pay the political pipers, our politicians, no wonder those pipers play the tunes their masters demand.

    The rest of us are considered to have so little economic power that we’re good only for providing snacks for the parasites getting all the wealth. Now, there a lots and lots of little snacks from us little people, so it amounts to a lot for the klepocrats. The politician pipers don’t pay us no mind: We’re too small, too poor, not worth their while.

    They’re not worth our votes.

    (The banksters had worked for decades to get to the point where they had enough political clout to pass “bankruptcy reform” which would keep us the little people completely under the banksters’ thumbs.)

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