3 thoughts on “Busting bagpipers, OWS

  1. This is how every police state acts. And there’s more to come. Let’s just hope that the OWS people are smart enough NOT to play into the 1%’s hands and use violence in retaliation. That’s what happened in Syria and the opposition is well on its way to being crushed there.

  2. More likely than not, any violence not committed by cops is the work of police provocateurs.

  3. Ah,yes, if only we ran every industry like the chip industry, we’d be swimming in jobs. Grove’s model is absolutely not feasible with the biotech/pharma industry where it takes more than long hours and living on margins. It takes a lot of long term investment. That doesn’t happen without money and as far as I’ve seen during this financial meltdown, the money has dried up. Researchers in my area are unemployed because there just isn’t any money willing to commit to a long time frame with high risk.
    We’ve heard Grove’s shtick before. He should stick to hardware and stop trying to tell life scientists what we’re doing wrong. He’s got it easy.

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