6 thoughts on “Medical malpractice

  1. Unbelievable. Does anyone not think we are living in a fascist country anymore?

    And I’d like to know where the AMA and all the physicians are, cause all I’m hearing is crickets on both rollbacks in women’s health care and this. They need to fight this – not say “boo-hoo this is bad”.

  2. Why aren’t gas company contributions to Republicans trade secrets? 5,225 high pressure deep injection wells containing unknown carcinogenic fracking compounds in Pennsylvania, what could possibly go wrong you alarmist enviro terrorists?

  3. There is a glut of natural gas on the market. The price of natural gas is at a 39 year low. Why do we need to drill for more natural gas? We don’t. But the oil industry needs to get rid of all those toxic byproducts produced by their oil wells. What better way to do that then to inject them 15 thousand feet underground.

  4. State mandated medical malpractice.

    Gotta love these wackjob rightwing governors. Did ALEC come up with this legislation?

  5. I do wish Anonymous would clean out ALEC’s emails and whatever computer records they can get through to….

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