War games

by Susie
I’ve thought all along there were too many things about this story that don’t add up. This seems a lot more likely:

The incongruous stories surrounding the March 11 massacre on Afghan civilians in two villages took another turn today, with reports from witnesses in Mokhoyan, one of the two villages targeted, that they were threatened by US troops just days before the massacre.

The witnesses say that troops rounded up all the men from the villages after a roadside bombing, lined them up against a wall, and told them they would “pay a price” for the attack.

The witnesses put the date of the bombing at either March 7 or 8. Previous stories had massacre suspect Robert Bales supposedly “upset” about a bombing in which one of his friends lost a leg.

The military would neither confirm or deny any bombings in the area, only insisting that they would investigate anything that might be related to the shootings. They likewise gave no comments about the threats in Mokhoyan.

If confirmed, the threats would also appear to support the Afghan probe’s version of the massacre, which had an organized group of over a dozen US troops carrying out the massacre, as opposed to a lone man, as the US maintains.

3 thoughts on “War games

  1. The war hawks want the U.S. to keep 20,000 soldiers in Afghanistan……forever. To justify this nonsensical policy these supporters of endless war keep trotting out the same tired old fear based arguments for why we need to continue occupying Afghanistan until the end of time. (See, todays NYT op-ed by McCain, Lieberman, & Graham.) The war hawks in Rome must have given Caesar the same reasons for continuing the occupation of the Levant in the 1st century BCE. We all know that that flawed policy eventually led to the fall of Rome. (See, the Christ and the Christian Movement.)

  2. Sounds familiar: South Korea, Germany, Japan, Israel, The South Pacific. Hell, the whole freaking world……..

  3. The whole issue will remain murky, until some latter day Manning has the courage to expose it all.

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