Big Coal

Paying attention to the things Obama no longer saysabout coal:

[…] Even if he understands the very real impacts of coal on the global climate, public health, and worker safety, it’s not clear that he’s doing everything about those issues that he could.

For example, note that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reissued its permit for streamlined approval of strip mines. Or go back and recall that the presidentpersonally overruled a measure government scientists said was needed to reduce coal’s air pollution impacts.  President Obama signed into law a measure that prevents the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration from enforcing tougher coal dust limits meant to end deadly black lung disease.  We haven’t heard a word from the president himself about MSHA’s failures at the Upper Big Branch Mine Disaster. Coal-miner safety appears off the agenda.

Just because the president isn’t talking about coal doesn’t mean he’s doing all he could to reduce the impacts of mining across our nation’s coalfields.

2 thoughts on “Big Coal

  1. So where are the coal unions in this discussion? Wait, they have very little to say on this entire topic because it’s ‘their’ jobs that are at stake. Obama is the President….he ain’t the Lord and Savior. If “we the people” have an isuuse with mining and burning dirty coal which pollutes the atmosphere and causes global warming, than “we the people” should stage a mass demonstration like the people in Sanford, Florida did last night to express our outrage. And the Unions who mine this lousy crap should get on board.

  2. Not doing all he can? Sounds like he’s doing everything he can . . . for the mine owners.

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