One thought on “Yep

  1. Yeah, well, what’s all the god-damned fuss about? At least Trayvon was murdered by a “white Hispanic”, so that ain’t rascist at all. And what about all the blacks killing blacks? How come we ain’t protesting over THAT issue?

    Well, truth is, I’m black and I don’t care to take a bullet—or see my loved ones take a bullet—from anyone, black, white, Asian, or Latino. Why? Because in this country—-“The Greatest Country On Earth”—-we supposedly have “Rights”, written in stone in our Constitution and our “Bill of Rights”.

    Trayvon, or me, or you, or any of us shouldn’t have to worry about dying alone in the dark on a chilly, rainy night, stalked like an animal without cause. Fuck it—the kid had nothing but a bag of candy and iced tea to give, even if robbery had been a motive.

    And so, yep, being murdered by a “white Hispanic’ makes it all better!

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