Medical marijuana games in NJ

Personally, I never liked pot and don’t care much about it. But when I was so constantly nauseated by the antibiotics I was on recently, and the strongest drug they gave me didn’t help, well, I would have been damn glad to have a couple of joints. So this is just disgusting. Should sick people have to buy pot off street corners? Yeah, Christie’s a jerk, but the Obama administration is cracking down on medical marijuana, too:

Gov. Chris Christie and the state health department have intentionally delayed New Jersey’s medical marijuana program in an effort to sabotage it, the CEO of one of the state’s six medical marijuana dispensaries claims in a letter sent this week to Christie’s office.

And now, he’s ready to quit.

“I would like to withdraw from the program,” Joe Stevens, the head of Greenleaf Compassion Center in Montclair, said during an interview with The Star-Ledger Thursday.

Health department officials have broken several promises to Greenleaf, Stevens claims, all while his group has incurred $170,000 in costs with no idea of when it can open for business.

“I can no longer explain away these broken promises and stay quiet while Greenleaf continues to hemorrhage vital funds on a failed program,” he wrote in his letter.

Stevens said health department officials told him Greenleaf could start growing marijuana this month, with the issuance of a temporary permit, and that the group was on track to get a final permit in July.
Now, he says, those assurances have been taken back.

“Again, I was foolish,” Stevens said, adding that he doubts the program will ever be running as long as Christie is in office. Greenleaf may consider “resorting to the legal process,” according to the letter.

The shake-up at Greenleaf could deliver a blow to the state’s already troubled program. More than two years after the Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act was signed into law, not one center has been launched. Meanwhile thousands of patients with qualifying conditions, such as Multiple sclerosis and cancer, are still waiting for the relief the drug might bring them.