7 thoughts on “Barack Obama and the magic wand

  1. Bruce A. Dixon is a reactionary Leftist of that there can be little doubt. Do you suppose that he can explain with any comprehension just who makes up what he calls the “black political class?” Doubtful. When he claims that Obama has had “immunity from scrutiny” over his 38 months in office he’s just plain nuts. Obama has been scrutinized six ways from Sunday since the very first day he took office. Do you suppose that Dixon is aware of any of these facts. 1)The total wages paid out in the world in 2010 was about $70 trillion dollars. 2) There are about 7 billion people in the world. So, 3) each person in the world should have an income of $10,000 dollars. On the other hand all 7 billion people didn’t have a job. So, 4) If you divide that $70 trillion by the number of people actually holding a job each of them would get 5) $18,000 each. Here’s Dixon’s homework: What does the average worker in the USA make? Dixon doesn’t have a clue. That’s because he’s too busy rallying the troops to fight against the wrong ‘world order’. The one that really does exists Dixon has no awareness of. But you can bet your ass that Obama knows it’s out there. Magic wand indeed.

  2. I breezed through Dixon’s expose on Obama and found him unworthy of anymore of my time. I believe he’s a paid right-wing snitch, probably of color; no connection to the black/brown communities here in the Atlanta area that I’m aware of, and I’ve lived in and aroung this region for almost 40 years. I can’t find a soul whose ever even heard of the guy.

  3. All of the posters here have answered their own questions to the level of personal satisfaction. Dixon’s critiques of this sold out President are unmet. Dixon is spot on.

  4. Thanks for the info from that site, Suze. I do, however, tend to agree with Imhotep about Dixon. For one thing, I have a very, very difficult time believing in anyone who claimed to have been a member of the BP Party—in Chicago, Detroit, L.A., or Oakland in the 60’s—who actually survived the political and law enforcement onslaught of that day and time. We do know of a few who survived, wrote books,and gained political office, but this guy Dixon wasn’t one of them—-unless he was one of the informants who ratted out the activists. Besides, even the AA blogs I depend on for valid info have never shared his blog on their blogrolls. I dunno, I could be wrong………..

  5. Guess I understand why Dixon’s message doesn’t get out there. Just reminds me that I remember an element of fear when Big O got elected. Neuter the black political class and what is left of the left?

  6. “Neuter the black political class and what is left of the Left?” Are you saying that the only viable group in the Left is the black political class? Aren’t blacks quite socially conservative? Especially black women? Or are you saying that what Dixon is up to is “neutering the black political class?” If that’s what you’re saying some on the Left might very much agree with you. Begining with Dixon trying to neuter Obama.

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