3 thoughts on “Lobbyists, guns and money

  1. The Federalist Society is a far more dangerous organization than ALEC is. How many columns has Krugman, or any one else for that matter, devoted to dismantling it?

  2. Somehow, I figure ALEC and the Federalist Society are, for all intents and purposes, working hand in glove.

    But could you flesh out your contention that the Federalist Society is more dangerous than ALEC? Thnx.

  3. jawbone, there’s the law (ALEC), then there’s enforcement of the law (Federalist Society). The Federalist Society believes that neither the federal government nor the federal courts should have a say in laws protecting the enviornment (EPA), civil rights (Trayvon Martin), or workplace rights (OSHA, NLRB, etc.). During the Bush administration every key position surrounding judicial nominations were held by members of the Federalist Society: AG John Ashcroft, Solicitor General Ted Olsen, Sen. Orrin Hatch(Judiciary Comm.), and lots of high powered staffers in the Justice Dept. and on the WH staff. Today most of Obama’s judicial appointments are being held up in the Senate by Republicans because they are not members of the Federalist Society.

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