3 thoughts on “Things you probably don’t know

  1. Thanks for the link — I haven’t read No Longer Quivering in a while.

    I know that Jim Bob (really, now what kind of name is that for a grown man) was a state legislator, but what is his job (or profession now)? Where does his livelihood come from? Beyond the TV show, what is his grift? Are we going to have a whole lot of derivative TV shows with each of the kids? What kind of jobs can the boys get that will provide enough of a living for them to follow in their father’s footsteps? Supposing one (or more) of the girls don’t get married; will they still be supported by Daddy for their whole lives? Questions, questions, questions…

  2. I don’t know exactly why, but whenever I hear the name “Duggar”, I think of a serial killer.

  3. woodsider, the Duggars said that they began several businesses right after marriage and before the kids, so that they had an income when the deluge began.

    IIRC, they started the show after number 14, and they make a pile per show. The money allowed them to build their really big place, and all the slave, I mean, cheerful and willing labor, makes a difference.

    Somewhere in between, Jim Bob spent a couple of years as a state rep, and now both he and Michelle do the lecture circuit, write (?) books, who knows what kinds of merchandising agreements.

    They’re doing very, very well. And the older girls do probably 10 loads of laundry and cook three meals for 21, every day.

    The eldest boy was set up with a used car lot by Jim Bob, and the next oldest boy got a tow truck. The girls, well, they cook and wash and raise the children. The younger boys run wild. It’s a really weird family.

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