We’re No. 5!

This really is the strangest country, isn’t it?

The United States placed fifth overall on a list of nations that executed the most people in 2011, according to human rights advocacy group Amnesty International.

Amnesty, which compiles its report every year, opposes capital punishment in all circumstances, regardless of allegations against those facing the death penalty.

It noted that the U.S. shares its dubious ranking with countries like China, Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, which round out the top five. China was by far the worst offender, and the group said it suspects that thousands were executed last year, but they could not provide an estimate because those numbers are suppressed.

One thought on “We’re No. 5!

  1. I had a professor once who predicted that the “greatness” of this country would soon come down to the place where the rest of the world could depend on for a police state. That is to say that the U.S. would be the ‘pass through point’ not just for goods and services, but for “constitutional justice” for criminals from other countrys. No wonder Guantanimo Bay will never be closed. Our country has been developing this profile since WWII. We police the world, and the world pays us to do it!

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