An April Fools’ Day song

by Odd Man Out
I’ve seen the bright lights of Memphis and the Commodore Hotel/And underneath a street lamp I met a Southern belle/ Well, she took me to the river where she cast her spell/And in that southern moonlight she sang the song so well

If you’ll be my Dixie Chicken, I’ll be your Tennessee Lamb/And we can walk together down in Dixieland…

Little Feat specialized in California-style New Orleans funk, and I mean that in a good way. These guys could play. “Dixie Chicken,” a short story in verse form, is by Lowell George, the heart of the band, a singer/slide guitarist who died way too young. Check out the guest stars on this live version.

2 thoughts on “An April Fools’ Day song

  1. I saw them live, too, in a gym at what used to be called The College of Pharmacy, in Philly. Unlike a lot of bands I liked, Little Feat always sounded as good live as they sounded on record.

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