2 thoughts on “Rating teachers

  1. This evaluation construct is a fraud. The lattitude that is wanted by the “reformers” is to shed the top of the compensation schedule to reduce costs of public schools. In this manner it is hoped a pool of talented teachers will be available to alternative privatized “schools” at a more market friendly wage. The talent pool in teaching will just dry up and relocate to other professions.

  2. Teaching has been trashed for years and the “evaluation” tool is often the way to cut out anyone they don’t like, isn’t part of the “in” crowd or (as stated above) to cut costs. It’s part of the overarching problems associated with the broken Carnegie design of classes. Education is so fixated on the latest gimmic, dreamed up by professional scammers who speak the current jargon fluently and schmoose school districts (often with bribes) to opening up to their “privatized” educational corporation (which just happens to have everything a district needs to show (fraudulent) “improvement”, don’t you know, that the results: our students rate at or very near the bottom on comparison international testing, is unsurprising.
    Our educational system has been ruined on purpose and it’s because there is no future for these kids. Between climate change, resource depletion, currency implosion, complete pollution of the biosphere and overpopulation the only thing we’re headed for, as a species (along with many we’ll take with us), is collapse, possibly to the point of extinction.

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