Just got back from the gym for the first time since I got sick. And you know what? It was even harder this time, mostly due to the trainer’s mandatory use of a medicine ball. Everything hurts.

It occurs to me that this “getting in shape” thing is not going to be easy, is it?

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  1. I think it would depend on what you’re doing with the medicine ball, but, based on my physical therapist’s approach, it’s best to ease in exercises. Now, I have a bad back, possibly bad sacroiliac/hip joint, lots of nerve issues in the back, but my PT will base what we do on where I am, physically, and proceed with caution.

    And, yes, the older we are, the faster we get out of shape and the harder it is get to being in shape.

    Please, please, please take care, Susie. Don’t let this trainer rush you. I don’t know if you felt pain while doing any of the exercises, but that would be an indication you’re perhaps being pushed too far.

  2. Listen to your trainer, but you know your bod as well as anyone. Just know that it DOES get easier, even for us old coots 🙂

  3. You’re too old to “get in shape”. You need to get healthy, which means good food in moderation, some stretching upon waking and throughout the day, and some good walks in the parks nearest your home.

    Calm down, Susan. Act your age, lose the *trainer”, the gym, and the pain.

  4. Dayum, Suze—-a medicine ball, are you serious? WTF are you trying to do? You don’t plan on joining the WWF do you? I agree with wobbly——slow down a bit: MILD/medium exercise, eat properly, stretch, and just smell the springtime flowers!

  5. Don’t listen to the naysayers, susie. If I’m not mistaken, the medicine ball is used for general “core” work, among other things. Sounds pretty awesome. I guess you’ll have to stop being such a damn wimp.

    (I kid, I kid. About that last part, anyway.)

  6. A good yoga teacher would be great too. Yoga is awesome with the right teacher. I really only go for the physical aspect of it though.

  7. Wobbly, POPPYCOCK! Too old? Naw. I do agree jumping in a full speed could do damage, but, I am sure the trainer doesn’t want to kill you.
    I have a sister about our age that had a heart attack 2 years ago. She found a trainer after her doctor gave her the OK, it was one of those “bootcamp” style trainers. It’s been about 18 month and she now trail runs nearly everyday.
    Your mileage may vary….

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