Gates Foundation to cut ALEC funding

by Susie

Good news indeed, as the movement to defund the American Legislative Exchange Council gathers momentum. Too bad we couldn’t pull this off before ALEC managed to impose its toxic legislative agenda on so many Republican-controlled states, but at least we’re doing it now. Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard to stop to this gang of corporate thugs:

Following Kraft, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and Intuit, another influential sponsor of ALEC has withdrawn its support from the right-wing corporate front group. Roll Call reports:

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation today became the latest backer to withdraw financial support for the American Legislative Exchange Council.A foundation spokesman told Roll Call that it does not plan to make future grants to the conservative nonprofit, which has come under fire from progressive activists for its support of voter identification laws and other contentious measures.

The Gates Foundation said it supported ALEC on issues regarding “teacher effectiveness and school finance.”

Lee Fang reports the funding could potentially have benefited “Microsoft as privatized charters adopt more technology in the classroom.”

Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Color of Change, among others, had targeted the Gates Foundation for giving more than $375,000 to ALEC over the past two years. PCCC garnered more than 28,000 signatures in a matter of hours.

3 thoughts on “Gates Foundation to cut ALEC funding

  1. I’ll say it again. ALEC is only the instrument, Corporations are dictating the tune. Even if ALEC folds, another front group for the Corporate assault on America will take up the flag.

  2. Alec is losing quite a few backers. Coca cola, Kraft, Pepsi and now the Gates foundation.
    You may be right, Ron that another group will come up. Twas ever thus. But, the next group in line will be more recognizable.
    Call me an optimist (some say Pollyanna)but, I think the pendulum is almost ready to swing back.

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