Caine’s arcade


This is the story of a nine year old boy named Caine who built an elaborate cardboard arcade inside his father’s used auto part store. A dollar gets you four plays, and two dollars gets you a five-hundred turn FUN PASS. Business was slow until independent filmmaker Nirvan Mullick spotted the arcade and plotted to change Caine’s life forever. Watch the short film and if you feel as weepy and joyous as I did, head over to his newly established scholarship fund. And can I just say, what an amazing dad to support, encourage, and allow his son to pretty much overtake his storefront for the sake of fun and creativity.

And to end on a wonderful note, people donated over $125,000 for Cole’s scholarship fund.

One thought on “Caine’s arcade

  1. This is the kind of crap that is destroying America. First of all this shop should be unionized. Then this kid should be given union wages and not be forced to accept “donations” for the work he performs. Finally this kids father should be arrested and his business shuttered for violating the laws governing child labor. Signed: A Fair-Minded Republican and an Outraged Liberal.

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