2 thoughts on “Monsters

  1. Violence against women? As any good NRA card-carrying Rethuglican will tell you, it’s all simply a conspiracy to take their guns. There is no war on women . . . except for a few thousand ‘isolated incidents.’

  2. But we also need to ask ourselves, as women, why we keep ending up with these bastards. This was his third marriage, and he had a history of assault reports. Women need to be taught that, contrary to what the movies and TV shows and best selling books tell us, bad men do not make good husbands. They will not transform into caring gentle lovers after you say ‘I do’. We need to learn that, when he’s pouring out his tale of woe “of, she just didn’t understand me, she made me so mad, she drove me crazy” that we should instead be listening to the ex-wife, ex-girlfriend. And that if a man seems too good to be true, then he’s usually not all that good.
    But instead of teaching them to choose wisely, we feed our daughters Twilight pap, and tell them that a man who might kill you because he loves you so much, is a thing to be desired.

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