Selling access

Isn’t that nice:

Former Governor Mitt Romney is already offering top donors access to a special “Presidential Inaugural retreat,” planned on the assumption that he will be elected president this November.

The offer, in a fundraising email circulated by a top Georgia supporter to fellow Republicans and obtained by BuzzFeed, is one of several goodies offered to those who contribute more than $50,000 to the joint fundraising committee known as “Romney Victory,” a program whose outlines were first reported by POLITICO.

Those donors will be named “Founding Members” of Romney Victory and invited to a California retreat with Romney and offered “yet to be determined access at the Republican National Convention in Tampa in August.”
They will also “have preferred status at the first Presidential Inaugural retreat,” the email says.

4 thoughts on “Selling access

  1. This is nothing new. These egomaniacs who donate or bundle large sums of money for their favorite candidates need this sort of recognition to fill the holes in their empty souls. It’s like the guy with the smallest penis driving the biggest, most expensive car. Or building car elevators in his/her oversized home on the ocean.

  2. You’d think somebody with more than $200 million would charge more than $50k for the opportunity to get down on his knees to them.

    (… from the old joke…. “we’ve already determined what type of woman you are – now we are just determining the price”)

  3. Meanwhile, on the distaff side, Ann Romney is crowing that Hilary Rosen gave her a birthday present with that ill-worded comment that Mrs. Romney was unable to understand most women’s concerns because she had “never worked” and thus hasn’t had to juggle the demands of a job and family. It appears Ann Romney is quite adept at seeing an opening and working it for all it’s worth, even if it is out of context.

    NPR segment audio should be up soon and transcript up tomorrow.

    Still, drat, Hilary Rosen, could you not have felt in your bones that your wording was way off message for a Democrat? Dems used to care that women rearing children were indeed working and working hard. All Hilary had to say was Ann Romney had never worked outside the home and faced those competing demands, much less had never faced a tight, sometimes impossible budget.

    But, Mitt to the rescue of the Dems, with his statement in January that when he wss governor of MA he had said women on welfare had to go to work even with children as young as 2 at home, because they deserved “the dignity” of working outside the home.

    Heh — work for thee, little poor person, but not for the wife of me. No choice for you, you little bottom quintile peasants. Choice is for those with the means to afford choices.

    Gotta love the political acumen of little Mittens. OK, Big Mittens. Just an overgrown boy who can’t control his enthusiasm for just saying whatever comes to mind. Ann would probably be better at this campaigning stuff that her husband.

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