‘Foolish decisions’

By Odd Man Out

That’s what US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said regarding the U.S. soldiers — “young people” — who chose to be photographed with the body parts of slain Afghani insurgents. You know what those darned kids are like. They procrastinate when term papers are due. They get drunk and moon old ladies. They kill people and pose with their mangled corpses.

2 thoughts on “‘Foolish decisions’

  1. Panetta also said yesterday that, “We are within an inch of war almost everyday.” Was Panetta telling us that our foreign policy is a complete disaster? (Which wouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone given who the Secretary of State is.) Or was he simply trying to justify his $1 trillion dollar a year defense budget?

  2. Oh, so what we are doing in Iraq and Afghani-ghani-ghani-stan-stan-stan isn’t war?
    Good to hear that.

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