Too big to nail …

… so we’ll give him a prestigious award. I’m talking about retired Citigroup chairman Sanford Weill, who led the charge to reverse the Glass-Steagall law, and is, according to Robert Scheer, “the banker most responsible for the nation’s economic collapse.” The honor of being the politician most responsible for the collapse goes to Bill Clinton.

4 thoughts on “Too big to nail …

  1. Hats off to whomever posted this thread. It’s good to know that Mr. Bill is being identified for the “Slick Willie” that he really is. But let’s also give “Slick” his due for passing NAFTA. That bill was crafted by the Republican Party and “Slick” loved it. By shipping our jobs overseas (NAFTA) and collapsing the banking system (getting rid of Glass-Steagall) the middle class didn’t stand a chance. But it’s actually even worse than that. “Slicks” bombing campaign in the Bosnian War without the authority of Congress gave Bush cover to invade both Afghanistan and Iraq. And what about “Slicks” “reform” of our poverty programs? With friends like “Slick” the poor don’t need enemies. Thanks Mr. Bill and we hope that you’re enjoying the millions of dollars in payoffs that the 1% has laid on you since you left office. You slimebag.

  2. Scary graphics, Monkeyfister! Made me shudder at first, but then I thought, WTF difference is it gonna make one way or the other: When we all learn to speak (an act) like Chinese Nationals, it’ll be all better!

  3. Yeah, after Clinton, 2 doses of the Bush and now Obama – does anyone really believe there’s any difference between the two parties anymore?
    They’re both corporatist lap dogs and SUCK big time. i won’t vote in the presidential clown show this year (except for local people who i can go and see, talk to, and air grievances or heap praise on). Now matter who you choose, you get Republican ideals of BUSINESS above all else (and the 1% who own the most wealth above the rest of us).

    The way it’s going, we may not make it to the election.

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