3 thoughts on “Shithead

  1. Manchin’s predecessor, Sen. Robert C. Byrd, was on Nixon’s list as a potential appointment to the Supreme Court, so bi-party identity is an old tradition here in WV.

    Manchin’s picture is in the dictionary next to the word “opportunist”. Obama is going to lose big in WV, and there will not even be a pretense of a campaign for him here. Manchin’s idiot opponent, millionaire John Raese (think of a bald Romney), has no platform or history, and his whole campaign is to tie Manchin to Obama.

    So Manchin has to disavow Obama, but I am sure it is killing him because he knows that his name will be poo poo after the election and Obama wins.

    Byrd did not get to be the most powerful senator by backstabbing presidents, so I expect the only thing Manchin will get through the appropriations committee will be sewage treatment plants with his name prominently posted on them.

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