10 thoughts on “Mutants stall Gulf clean-up funding

  1. We’re all mutants now, my friend. Couple more rainstorms and we’ll all be glowing.

    Induced mutation is never-the-less evolution.

  2. HR 4345–The Exempt Big Oil and all other Big Energy Companies from all Liability they cause to the Enviornment and to People. This dog was introduced by John Shimkus, R. Il, and is cosponsored by two Democrats. These crooks call their bill the Domestic Fuels Protection Act of 2012. If we don’t watch these guys every minute of the day and night they’ll steal our last ten cents while destroying all of our land, air and water.

  3. Ah Rethugs. Never miss an opportunity to line some contributors pockets, those guys. “You want to help those that we destroyed? Make my friends richer.”

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