UN to investigate plight of Native Americans

Pretty damned disgusting that it’s necessary, don’t you think?

The UN is to conduct an investigation into the plight of US Native Americans, the first such mission in its history.

The human rights inquiry led by James Anaya, the UN special rapporteur on indigenous peoples, is scheduled to begin on Monday.

Many of the country’s estimated 2.7 million Native Americans live in federally recognised tribal areas which are plagued with unemployment, alcoholism, high suicide rates, incest and other social problems.

The UN mission is potentially contentious, with some US conservatives likely to object to international interference in domestic matters. Since being appointed as rapporteur in 2008, Anaya has focused on natives of Central and South America.

A UN statement said: “This will be the first mission to the US by an independent expert designated by the UN human rights council to report on the rights of the indigenous peoples.”

Anaya, a University of Arizona professor of human rights, said: “I will examine the situation of the American Indian/Native American, Alaska Native and Hawaiian peoples against the background of the United States’ endorsement of the UN declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples.”

The US signed up in 2010 to the declaration, which establishes minimum basic rights for indigenous people globally.

Anaya said: “My visit aims at assessing how the standards of the declaration are reflected in US law and policy, and identifying needed reforms and good practices.”

Apart from social issues, US Native Americans are involved in near continuous disputes over sovereignty and land rights. Although they were given power over large areas, most of it in the west, their rights are repeatedly challenged by state governments.

6 thoughts on “UN to investigate plight of Native Americans

  1. As a University of Arizona professor of human rights Anaya leaves himself and his study open to calls of bias and self-fulfilling prophesy, to starting from a position and drawing conclusions accordingly.

    But if he wants suggestions of a few places to look at it, I can name ’em.

    (Got no dogs)

  2. Well, isn’t that special!

    Thanks so much UN. Better late than never doesn’t even apply.

  3. Nothing pisses of a conservative more than to point out their hypocrisy. In this instance, you can add most of the Democratic Caucus to the hypocritical.

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